Settling down a bit

September 2017… or 2 months until the sailing season starts !


Although I had traveled a lot I still had to wait until November to find a boat to south America. For the first time in my trip, I had to look for a place to stay. I spent my first week with Jean-Baptiste on his boat.


I showed him a few places I knew from the island, helped him to fix/clean the boat and introduced him to my sailors friends.


After a couple of days, I finally decided to volunteer and found a place in a very chill hostel close to the main beach of the city, Las Canteras.
However, before starting, I came back for a couple of days in France since my cousin was getting married. There was no way I would be missing this so I flew for one week and met my family. My dad welcame me with food a bit different from regular Spanish tapas…


Meeting my family after 9 months of travels was overwhelming and for the second time in my travel, I witnessed another great wedding.


Even in France, I kept on travelling a bit with my mom and grandmother and spent some days in Alsace where I visited one of the top fan of this blog, Veronique !


Then I flew back to Las Palmas and started to work. I had no expectations and was gently surprised by the crew working there.


We were four guys in our twenties managing the whole place. The manager would only come from time to time to check if everything was under control… and yeah it was !

DSC_7058Very smoothly I started to get used to this new lifestyle and being surrounded with people on a regular basis.


I would work a bit in the morning, then go surfing for the major part of the day, study my Spanish and come back to carry the night shift with my mates.


Even if I was relaxing and loving this lifestyle I would go everyday to the port to meet people and get myself seen by sailors.
This is how I met Michel, a french surgeon who had a long beautiful aluminium 48 feet boat.


He was heading to Lanzarote (an island north of Gran Canaria) and did not want to do it alone. He asked me if I was interested but once again, that was not my destination at all.
I explained this and he offered me to pay my flight back.
I would just go sailing 3 days and come back in Gran Canaria without paying anything.
I said yes and also took with me a nice Romanian girl from my hostel to introduce her to basic of sailing (as she always wanted to).
I still remember her face when she realized that she would be the one taking the boat out of the port !!


For the next 3 days, we sailed from Gran Canaria, Fuerte Ventura to finally reach Lanzarote.
As you can see, the ocean was flat, wind pretty shy and food very present !


It has been one of the easiest navigation I had so far.


By the end of the 3rd day, we finally reached Lanzarote.


We left the boat in the Marina and took 2 more days to enjoy a bit the island.


Lanzarote is completely different from any other island I visited so far in my trip… We hiked for 2 days to get the best experience of it.


This area is highly volcanic and full of old lava tunnels. We explored some of them.



Grey, black and white were the only colors we saw during these 2 days.


If the sky had not been blue, if Iulia had been smaller, have had no shoes but long hairy feet,  then I could have believed we were be Frodo and Sam walking through Mordor.


Back in Gran Canaria, I kept on working during the week and every time I would get 2, 3 days off I would escape and walk in the mountain with friends.

DSC_7112Hiking in fall was amazing  as the whole mountain was filled with fruit trees. Apples, pears, figs, nuts… We just had to collect them on our way.


I started to hang out a lot with my friend Iulia.


As she was a true sunset lover.


After more than 2 months of this beautiful life, I felt it was time to go on.
I started to look a bit more for boats and encountered a French couple going to Brazil. We spoke, got some beers and decided to give it a try. A week later, it was settled. We were going together to South America.
I was really happy to finally find a boat but leaving this place and my friends broke my heart.


Therefore, for the last 2 weeks, I enjoyed as much as I could my last days in Gran Canaria.

DSC_7162.JPGEven had one of my best friend went visiting me and like usual, it is so intense with him that we always end up breaking something or hurting ourselves. That time, it was my board.


and my knee (nothing too bad, I’m already walking like usual).


Anyway, 2 days before leaving, I did a last long trek. It’s my habit before sailing, since I would not be using my legs for one month.


I went with my Romanian friend who is one of the most adventurous girl I have met so far.


Last sunset in Europe…


We cooked a last time with all staff members and my friends there…


When I turned my back and walked away, I started to feel the same feeling I had when I left my home 10 months earlier… but the trip goes on. Love you guys.

Next stop, Capo Verde !







6 thoughts on “Settling down a bit

  1. Il va falloir que nous allions aux Canaries, c’est vraiment magnifique mais on attendra ton retour pour que tu puisses jouer les guides.
    Bon vent pour la traversée
    Tiens bon la barre et tiens bon le vent…


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