Last days in France

Before leaving my country, I wanted to see some of the friends I met long time ago in Montpellier.

As I was making my way through the bloody cold Toulouse, I started to understand that my trip was not going to be as comfortable and easy as I thought.
Indeed, even if I had traveled a lot, being alone is a totally different experience. There is no one to help you when you go down. Fortunately, I had my friends to help me start it…

dsc_3050Charles, Sibili and Luc met me at the beginning of a nice snowy hike. We just bought some chartreuse and started our way.


Our plan was to camp on the top of the mountain and gaze at the stars.


We made it in the evening at the perfect time for sunset. There was even a small cabin where we could all sleep.


Then we gazed at the stars and even went to slide and play hockey with rocks on a frozen lake that night.


And here comes the first mistake of my trip…

Because it was so cold, I decided to put bricks into the fire in order to warm up the cabin. We waited for the brick to heat then we removed it from the fire and put it… on my sleeping bag. It made a big hole and all feather went away…

That’s how you start a world trip !


But I did not mind that much, we laughed so hard I would say it was almost worth it.
After that cold night, we woke up to see the sunrise from the top and then climbed down the mountain.

My last stop now is in Pau to enjoy my final time in France with my oldest sister, Marie.
Being with her could not be a better goodbye to France. We enjoyed simple things such as climbing, meeting friends and great dinners. That was all the support I needed before starting really the trip alone.


Now the fun is starting… Over the last few months I have learned some very basic Spanish. I can barely handle a conversation…

Holà !
Hablo no espanol, puedo ir con vosotros ?



5 thoughts on “Last days in France

  1. I love your pics, all your trips it’s awesome!. You make me getting forces and courage to make mine! Wish you luck , a big hug!


  2. Haha yes!! Ca régales ton blog mon pot! Heureux d’avoir été avec toi pour tes derniers jours en France!
    Trop de fou rire et de bonnes vybes dans ce weekend!
    Je vais essayer de t’appeler prochainement.
    Gros bisous frangin!


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