First steps into the unknown

After 5 years of planning, I’m finally leaving everything I know. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done.

After drying my tears, I started on the main street of my city and tried to get a ride. The first guy that stopped just asked :
” Where do you go ? ”
” Just a step behind but I will cross the whole world to get there ! ”

He laughed and I started my first ride of the next 3 years with him.


Home was behind. He dropped me right at the entrance of the highway to Paris.

dsc_2940I went through my first day pretty fast. People were amazed and very friendly when I told them my story.


I arrived to my friend’s house by the ocean in the evening. It was my first stop and an easy way to start my solitary journey.

Jeremy and Charles, two surfers from Saint Michel Chef Chef

As I’m going to take sailboats to reach continents, Jeremy, who is a great sailor, decided to train me for 3 days.


He taught me some of the basics of navigation but that was cold days !


Next day, I got to learn that the fog is one of our biggest enemy. When we can’t see, we just can’t go. We waited and went back to Pornic because of the weather forecast.


On the positive side, there was not that much wind and the sun went back. We let the ship go and enjoyed some bluesy rock’n’roll.

dsc_3020dsc_3022Back on land, I enjoyed a last night with my friends and I went south to reach Biarritz.
I don’t have that many pictures of my drivers. Most of them were commercials and are not supposed to take hitchhikers…

I arrived in the night and, for those who know, went to the roots of Biarritz “le bar du marché” ! Once again, I met many of the friends I had when I was living there and told them a last goodbye.


Benoit Dandine, I worked with him 2 years ago. He has always pushed me to start that trip.
Ce gros Quentin, my old roommate making his way in Decathlon.


Alexis Palu, my old Krav Maga partner, drove me to the highway to Toulouse and left me at the gas station. I’ll see you around the world !

Few days in France then let’s look for the sun in Spain !

PS: Here is a map for those who don’t know France well



7 thoughts on “First steps into the unknown

  1. Tu commences très bien mon cher Arthur avec ces premiers arrêts dans ce sud ouest que j’aime tant !
    Bonne continuation , et bon vent ! …


  2. Buena suerte Arturo en tu viaje. Y que llegues pronto a León. Como te he dicho….o he querido decir….si pasas por Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), aquí tienes mi casa para que conozcas la ciudad y luego sigas. Esperamos tu visita. Un abrazo. Alberto ( te llevé hasta Burgos)
    Móvil teléfono: 518 88 09 36

    Suerte y Bon voyage


  3. Hello, Art. I,m the spanish lawyer that spoke to you in an horrible english, between Bilbao and a gas station just before you might turn to Burgos. My name is Santiago and it was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck, brave french!!!! Enjoy my country and don,t forget to visit Cádiz as i told you. I,ll follow you at this blog.


  4. Hola, a mi tío y a mí nos ha encantado conocerte y acompañarte desde Almendralejo (Badajoz, España) hasta Zafra (Badajoz).
    Han sido 20 km pero te deseamos un buen viaje.


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