On the starting blocks

J-2 ! 

Time is flying… It’s been  already 2 months since I finished my job.
I worked a lot on my trip and spent most of my time visiting my family and enjoying my close friends.

I already planned a big gathering  for them when I’ll be back. In that perspective, I made some Rum “arrangé” that will gently mature for the next 3 years…


All vaccines are done. I even recovered a perfect sight thanks to a successful eye surgery.

Since my backpack is going to be my house for the next years, I made it light and only took the minimum with me. The only exception is my electric travel guitar, ready to play everywhere on the road…


Leaving the 2nd of January early in the morning …



7 thoughts on “On the starting blocks

  1. Omg!!! Have a blast Arthur!!! You crazy kid!!! I better see you when you make it to California. Happy New Year! Safe travels my friend.


  2. Wonderful beginning ! Have a safe trip and please tell me when you get to Australia, Seattle, Ohio or Hawaii, I have very good friends there who can help you out.

    Take care and big hugs
    Jackie Bellanger


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